Cognition Enhancer For Clearer and Faster Thinking – Isochronic Tones (Electronic)

- September 2, 2016



Download as an Mp3 here:

Note: This is the ‘Electronic’ version.

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► If you are new to this type of audio brainwave entrainment, find out how isochronic tones work and how they compare to binaural beats here:

HEADPHONES REQUIRED – Note: As this session stimulates each ear with different frequencies, you will need to use headphones to experience the full effect.

Alternative background sounds available on MP3 at the above page: Orchestral, Hybrid, World Music, Rain, Brown Noise.

What does this track do?

This session stimulates Beta, SMR and Alpha, alternating in 2 minute increments to help keep the user relaxed and engaged.

Note: SMR (sensorimotor rhythm) relates to the frequency range between 12 – 15Hz. It’s associated with sensory processing and motor control. Stimulating this can result in relaxed focus and improved attention.

This session speeds up the brain while keeping the left hemisphere dominant (good for attention, concentration, reducing emotional response and hyperactivity). ADD and similar disorders are often characterized by

Comments (6089)

  • made me sleeeeep

    Ewa Waligora - 0 days ago

  • This is fabulous.....!the vibration coming into my right ear so s stunning and makes my knees giggle! The whole piece encapsulates the way I feel about my daughter...such a stunning blend of all the love and delight I feel in knowing her! Thank you so much.

    Lulu Breakfast Musician - 0 days ago

  • omg this reminds me of the neon demon

    Chiara - 1 days ago

  • Woah, the part when it vibrates was weird, it made my head shake a little! Love it! You have a new sub!

    Aria Johnson - 2 days ago

  • Listened tot this while smoking weed, even though you recommended not to, i was playing online games and my focus and reflexes (at least according to me and my experience) were way above the normal levels.

    R33TaRDationNaTIon - 2 days ago

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