Brain-Enhancing Music and Binaural Beats: Do They Work? – College Info Geek

- September 2, 2016



Binaural beats, isochronic tones, and lots of other techniques have been developed with the goal of creating music that can cause a specific change in your brain – better focus, easier sleep, etc.

Do any of these types of

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  • u realy said the truth it disturbs

    Ali Syed - 2 months ago

  • +Thomas Frank
    Thanks for the referral. I'm trying it today and so far, so good. It does give me a weird vibration sensation but I don't find it distracting. Thanks for the tip!

    glowfishin1 - 2 months ago

  • Are you playing binaural beats in the background of this video bro? haha

    Micah Henderson - 2 months ago

  • Well everyone keeps going on and on about the music industry putting subliminals in music which is evil and crap yet don't believe in subliminals meant for concentrating ,fitness,etc.

    Deez Mutts - 3 months ago

  • Thanks for the post. Did you ever do a review of I can't find it. Also, the 30 day trial link no longer works.

    Stanford Griffith - 3 months ago

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